Expand your images with generative AI

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Instantly Expand Photos—It's Magical

Unlock a realm of possibilities by using AI to enlarge images. ExtendImages's Magic Expand allows you to correct awkward framing, salvage zoomed-in pictures, or transform a vertical photo into a landscape format. Within seconds, you can extend your image to fill in missing parts and recreate the lost details. Whether for social media or marketing efforts, employ our AI-powered image expander to enhance your visuals while preserving quality and detail.

Carefully Refine Your Image

Ensure each image is meticulously refined with our user-friendly AI image enlarger. Choose your preferred size or aspect ratio and watch as the AI seamlessly enlarges your image with precise detail. Interested in focusing on a particular section of your photo? Use a freeform selection for targeted expansion and let the magic happen! ExtendImage accurately matches the original image's color and style, ensuring a smooth integration of elements into a unified image.

Enhanced Visuals for Any Purpose or Project

Maximize the benefits of image enhancement with AI. Explore several image options generated by ExtendImage to find one that aligns with your design vision. Create compelling advertisements, enhance posters and infographics, or cleverly adjust images to make them stand out in your Instagram carousel and beyond. Utilize ExtendImage's AI-powered image resizer to produce adaptable visuals for all types of creative endeavors.